Welcome to your one stop shop for new homes in Tigard, new homes in Beaverton and new homes in the West Portland Metro area.  Here you will find all you need to know about building a new home along with information on local home builders and listings for all the new homes for sale in Tigard, Beaverton and West Portland.  You can also use our property search feature to search for homes under the New Construction category.  Want to take a look inside one or more of these new homes for sale?  Simply click on the "schedule an appointment" tab at the bottom of each listing page and we'll be more than happy to meet you at the home and allow you to take a look around.

Considering building a new home?  With both of our backgrounds firmly planted in the new home construction field, our expertise is unrivaled.  You will not find any other real estate agents in the Tigard, Beaverton, or West Portland Metro area with more new home construction knowledge than us.  We have built and sold literally hundreds of new homes in the Tigard, Beaverton and West Portland areas, guiding our clients through the entire construction  process from pouring of the foundation to the final walk through and at NO COST to them.

Purchasing and building a new home can be a long, complicated process.  There are many different stages to go through with many questions asked of the buyer that can impact the overall livability and market worth of the new home.  It can be tedious and stressful for buyers without construction know how.

Knowing the construction process inside and out, we have the ability to walk our clients through every step.  Throughout these steps we can answer any and all questions, minimizing the worry and stress of our buyers.  Having made all the interior and exterior selections for many Model homes, we can help our buyers choose what works for them.  It is important to choose certain products that not only benefit you, the buyer, but also add value to your new home in order to get maximum market value if and when you decide to sell it.

Choosing a new home site is just as important as choosing a floor plan.  We have the ability to read and understand plat maps for entire communities, aiding us in showing our buyers potential problems with easements, setbacks, sewer lines, etc.  These are all issues that can affect how the buyer can effectively use the home site as well as hinder the value of the home for future sale.

So if you are considering purchasing and building a new home in Tigard, a new home in Beaverton, or a new home in West Portland why not give us a call?  The best part is that you can have our knowledge at your disposal and, again, at NO COST to you.  It's a no brainer!!!

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